Twitter Tests More Visible Alt Text


Twitter has been testing two features in order to increase image accessibility on mobile devices and desktop.

An easily clearly visible “ALT” badge, and visible descriptions of images are among those features Twitter is trying to make more accessible images both on desktops and mobiles.

In a tweet, Twitter states it’s testing the features using 3% of its users on iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Twitter plans to launch these features worldwide at the middle of April, after at least one months of trial.

Learn more details about ALT badge, description of images and ways to include descriptive text on images on Twitter.

Alt Badge On Twitter Photos

When a description, sometimes called alt text is added to an image, the rectangular “ALT” badge will be displayed in the lower corner.

This informs other users that there’s a description of the image. This informs other users that there is a descriptive text accompanying the.

To see a description of an image the user can simply click or tap on the ALT badge. The description will be displayed as illustrated in the following example:

Twitter says:

“Adding image descriptions allows those with disabilities, such as blindness suffer from poor vision, utilize assistive technology or reside in areas of low bandwidth or suffer from cognitive impairments, to participate fully to the conversation on Twitter.

We’re aware that these improvements are long overdue We appreciate your patience. Also, we’re working on an reminder for the description of images. We’ll be sharing more information on this in the near future.”

Here’s how you can add a picture description to tweets. In the near future, Twitter may start reminding users to include image descriptions however, for the moment this must be manually added.

How to Add A Description to An Image On Twitter

To include a description of the image Follow these steps:

  • Upload an image
  • Choose ” Add description” beneath the image
  • Write a description
  • Choose ” Save
  • Tweet to us

Tweets will get delivered using the “ALT” badge on the image.

The description could range between one and a thousand characters.

If you include multiple images to your tweet you can also add distinctive descriptions for each.

The feature is currently being tested, so you might not be able to access it right this moment. The full launch is anticipated this spring.

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