Syndicated Content: Is It A Google Ranking Factor?


Does syndicated content impact the rankings of organic searches?

In certain cases syndicated content can be viewed as spam.

In other cases, it could overtake it’s original contents.

Yet syndication is an used method in journalism and marketing too.

However, is it an element of ranking in the algorithm for ranking websites?

This chapter will discover whether syndicated content can be an essential Google rank factor.

The claim that Syndicated Content is a Ranking Factor

Social media syndication occurs in a variety of ways.

Individual content creators may decide to syndicate their content in an the hope of reaching larger audience.

For instance CEOs could write blogs on their company’s website.

Then, they can syndicate the blog post on LinkedIn Medium, LinkedIn or any other site.

This allows companies to reach the viewers of every network, and even link back to the company’s main website.

Blogs and publications can be able to choose to distribute content.

This is when the publisher (content creator) is willing that they will share content the partner (the syndicator) or perhaps multiple partners with the aim to further expand the reach of that particular piece of content as well as the brand that inspired the content’s creation.

The piece of content that is syndicated that is published on the site of a third party may end up being:

  • Similar to HTML0 (all contents are the same , excluding the URL in which it is located).
  • condensed (e.g. Perhaps just the beginning paragraph or a part of the article).
  • Modified significantly (e.g. It is accompanied by a new headline or it has had parts deleted, edited or rearranged).

If syndication occurs without the author’s permission This piracy could cause duplicate content more as syndicated content.

Let’s say this is the real thing: Content theft.

Certain websites employ software that scrapes information on other sites.

They may scrape content related to a certain subject to distribute.

Other scrape whatever is popular, in order to draw visitors to their websites.

It is the Evidence Against Syndicated Content As A Factor in Ranking

Google Search Central has specific guidelines on webmaster quality for webmasters. Within the Advanced SEO section, they define two scenarios that are related to syndicated content, which constitute webspam.

  • The publishing industry is characterized by auto-generated content generated through scraping RSS feeds or searching results.
  • The publishing scraped content with automated methods that do not add added value to the content in its original form.

In either case the content you publish is not likely to appear in the search results.

The creators of original material could also apply for copyright violation.

2012, the year 2012, Google Search Central released a YouTube video on Webspam-related content infractions.

This video highlights the need for scraping and automation to create distributed content that can be marketed as spam.

In the year 2018, John Mueller, Google Search Advocate, talked about how syndicated content could have the potential to surpass original content.

This is when the syndicate website contains additional content that is valuable in conjunction with that pirated material.

2021 2021 In 2021, in an article posted on Google Search Central for developers, Google discussed how to manage duplicate content.

Regarding the syndicated contents, they recommend these suggestions:

“If you publish your content to other websites, Google will always show the version we believe is the most suitable for users in any given search. This could be the one you’d like to see.

However, it’s helpful to ensure that each website that the content you syndicated has the link to the original article. It is also possible to ask the sites who are using your syndicated content to include the noindex tag in order to block the search engines from indexing their version of the content.”

Syndicated Content As A Ranking Factor: Our Verdict

If you’re making use of content syndication to reach new audiences on networks that offer quality content it is possible to increase your search visibility by being ranked in other platforms.

However, simply syndicating content does make it harder for the original content within search results.

We’ve therefore declared it unlikely to be an important factor in ranking.


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