Cloudflare Announces Free Web Application Firewall


Cloudflare announced they are providing the Web Application Firewall (WAF) at no cost to users who are on their free plan. The WAF provides an access point to the WAF user interface, which is accompanied by a set of rules which can be utilized to detect and block known threats automatically.

This free-of-cost managed rule set was evaluated with the Cloudflare network. It allows for users for free to turn on their firewall and enjoy the benefits of a firewall straight immediately.

Since the ruleset is a controlled ruleset Free users will receive updates that safeguard their websites from diverse security threats.

The free edition of this firewall has been specifically made to guard WordPress websites since it defends against typical WordPress vulnerabilities.

Cloudflare WAF

Cloudflare WAF Cloudflare WAF is an application firewall that tracks incoming traffic that is sent from on the Internet to the site and block any web website that it believes to be infected with malware.

The firewall employs the ruleset, which is a collection of signals and patterns it searches for to detect suspicious traffic and block it out.

Cloudflare Managed Rules Free

It is Free Cloudflare WAF comes with an established ruleset specifically designed to stop a wide range of vulnerability attacks that are commonly used.

A managed ruleset is made up of pre-configured rules which allow users to install the firewall and be ready to stop harmful internet traffic.

The advantage of a well-managed ruleset is that it can be deployed with only minimal setting on the part of the user.

Cloudflare is the name of the ruleset that is free and managed:

“Designed to protect against broad and severe vulnerability that can impact users. These rules are safe to use across the majority of applications. If you have deployed your Cloudflare Managed Ruleset for your website, you don’t have to deploy the Managed Ruleset.”

The ruleset that is free will be updated when an apprehensive threat is discovered that could affect a variety of websites. This is an enormous benefit that could help in combating the negative effects of fresh hacking threats.

A free edition of the ruleset safeguards against the Shellshock security flaw in the server and prevents Log4J weaknesses, as well as also protects WordPress websites from security vulnerabilities that are typical to WordPress.

The ability to access the Cloudflare Firewall User Interface

Cloudflare provides the free user with access to Firewall User Interface (UI) A dashboard that publishers can control their firewall.

The dashboard permits users to modify their firewalls and to track the actions of the firewall by using it’s Security Overview tab.

Users who are free can access the following on the dashboard:

“Overriding any rules applicable to LOG or take another actions.

Overriding rules specific to LOG or any other act.

Disabling completely the ruleset, or any rule”

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