4 Quick Tips To Boost Your Google Business Profile Visibility


Making your company stand out is now more crucial than ever. Here are a few easy ways to put quick wins.

Every business in the world is looking to increase its online attention – particularly on Google.

How can you be placed in front of the right people when you use local search listings as well as using the Map Pack?

Enhancing the performance of your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing will put your local company in the ideal place to be discovered and convert interested searchers into paying customers.

Here are some suggestions to help you win quick wins that won’t break the bank.

1. Encourage Review

Reviews are among the most effective ways to boost your GBP. They’re free and can significantly increase the profile of your company for organic searchers.

Consider how you could be able to sort through the many local general contractors, even if you had never worked with one before.

You don’t know what the claims on the contractor’s site are correct since there is no an independent confirmation of certain areas, like costs or the quality of work.

In this instance it is necessary to have GBP review reviews to boost your profile in local search results.

The people who search for contractors in their region are more likely believe in your company If they find 10 or 15 reviews from the 4-to-5-star range.

However, these reviews will not appear overnight.

It is not uncommon to have to make a few calls to customers who are happy to get the customers to leave reviews in any way.

This can be done via mail, postcard or by simply asking them to discuss your experiences with you.

Another alternative is to make use of review management tools like BirdEye, ReviewPush, and Pozative. These applications let you:

  • Sort your customer reviews.
  • Review text messages and send them to the recipient.
  • Respond to the latest Google reviews directly through emails that alert you to new reviews.

Whatever way you decide to do it whatever you do, your reviews should encourage your customers to be truthful and thorough in their reviews.

Demand that they provide authentic photographs of the work you completed for them, or of a product you’ve sold them.

Photos are great for boosting the visibility of your GBP even more.

2. Avoid Spammy Tactics

Google is certainly intelligent enough to recognize the signs that someone trying to manipulate the algorithm. trying to get around the system by, for example making content automated and creating doorway pages or keywords stuffing.

The same principle applies to GBP.

This is Google’s very own tool therefore, why would the most powerful and most powerful search engine allow you to use fraudulent tactics, such as offering people money to leave positive reviews?

Potential customers will be able to trust honest, real reviews.

Google and the review websites I mentioned also do this. They will tell you if you’ve paid an untrustworthy website to fake a five-star review of your company.

Indeed, review websites can detect fake reviews and identify your website as fraudulent.

The flag will trigger an alert that visitors will encounter when they visit one of your pages, advising users not to be affixed to your website.

The same principle applies to providing incentives, like future discounts, to encourage people to write favorable GBP reviews. In this instance, it could be detrimental to your reputation online.

If they include the incentive in their review, future customers might conclude that the praise is not true.

While at the same time the idea of bribing people to write favorable reviews ignores the possibilities of an event.

Even if they had negative experiences with your company even if they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t mention it on their review.

This increases the likelihood that customers in the future are likely to end up being “fooled” and have a poor experience when they were expecting more.

3. Respond to Negative Reviews

Instead of putting in the effort you have to in these sorts of tactics I would suggest anticipating negative reviews about GBP prior to they occur or to promptly respond to bad reviews that do show up.

This would need you to do some digging and ensure that every aspect of your company is working well.

Be attentive to your customers throughout the day If something does go wrong, make sure you deal with it right then and there and ensure that people leave satisfied.

If you see negative reviews on the internet, contact the customers who have been affected to express your apology and sympathize. This lets the public know that you value your customers regardless of when they leave your business.

4. Leverage GBP Tools

My final suggestion for increasing the GBP of your business is to make use of all the features Google provides to help you with your online business.

One of them one of these features is Google Marketing Kit that lets you create posters, stickers and social media posts to promote your company’s promotions and events.

Particularly, social media posts will provide a huge boost for your web presence.

You can make stunning images of your favorable reviews including blurbs of the review text. You can then post them to your social media channels.

GBP allows users to access your local business’s profiles exactly as they do on other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The followers will then gain access to your company’s

  • New social posts.
  • Offers.
  • Blog posts.
  • Events.
  • Updates to the product.

All of these factors can help increase the brand’s visibility among your fans.

Finally, Google Posts allow you to promote new discounts, coupons, and occasions in innovative ways. It is possible to make use of videos, images and call-to action buttons to increase the level of engagement with your customers.

Google Posts is a great way to advertise with GBP since its analytics feature allows you to see the way that users reacted to what you wrote. The data you collect to design more engaging posts the next time around.

Take a look at the Google Local Favorites program also. It gives physical and digital badges to businesses that rank in the top 5 percent of local businesses in each segment.


Google is asking you to enhance your company’s local profile. Google wants to encourage healthy competition within local businesses.

Today, nearly all Google does is based on user experience.

Who can claim to be the most reliable vendor of any product or service that the customer wants?

Your answer should be yours. This is possible only when you own a powerful GBP that allows all the appropriate users find you.

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